At Raaj Ply, we focus on the details. applying innovation at work has been the cornerstone of all our processes and technologies. With attention to detailing, we spent quality time sourcing and picking wood mills that are in alignment with our values. Our production process is under strict supervision to ensure consistency and to meet our quality standards. we offer signature plywood products that are durable yet affordable and offer unmatched strength and oodles of style to complement various applications.
Because we offer fine-crafted materials that have been designed and improved by almost two decades of listening and interacting with our customers. 20 years of expertise in the industry has contributed to our work and it shows. We understand the significance of your pre-requisites and we value your time, too. At Raaj Ply, you also get the best after-sales support you will find anywhere. We strive in building strong relationships within the wood industry though consistency in quality and loyalty. Our timely response is really appreciated by our customers, making us the most loyal brands for plywood in the world.


  • Perfect arrangement of core pieces ensures consistent thickness throughout the panel.

  • Faultless bonding at the panel edge results in eventual quality wood for the core and veneer layers.

  • Use of superior quality glues to prevent delamination of Plywood.

  • Use of highly equipped dryer machine for drying core veneer material to maintain ideal moisture levels, glue bonding, and material evenness.

  • Use of superior quality machineries with the latest equipment and technology.