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Excellent stability, Quality, and Durable Flush Doors

“Raaj Premium Flush Doors” are made of selected seasoned timbers and are chemically treated to make them weather and termite-resistant. The Flush Doors have a solid Block Board core with BWP grade, crossbands, and face veneers. They are bonded with high-quality Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin (as per IS: 848:1974) in the Hydraulic Hot Press process under high pressure & temperature making them 100% Boiling Water Proof.

The wide belt sander (calibration machine) is designed for thickness calibration, smooth surface sanding, and fine surface. The sanding machine is specially designed with sandpaper and functions for smooth wood & wood finishes. Extremely fine sanding quality is assured.

This process makes the doors highly durable, dimensionally stable, termite resistant, insect and borer proof. Also, free from delamination, warping, and powder-free.  

Flush Door Manufacturers In Bangalore

Raaj Flush door is a Karnataka-based flush door manufacturing industry. We manufacture quality flush doors of various sizes and designs. Being the best and leading flush door manufacturers in Bangalore, our products are carefully picked and specially treated.

Flush Door Suppliers In Bangalore

Based in Bangalore and specialized in Flush door manufacturing, we have numerous dealers all over Karnataka who supply ‘Raaj Flush Doors’ for a variety of interior, commercial, and residential purposes.

Features of Flush Doors


Thickness: 30mm

Available Sizes
79×26 79×27 79×28 79×30 79×32 79×34 79×36 79×38
81×26 81×27 81×28 81×30 81×32 81×34 81×36 81×38 81×42 81×44
84×26 84×30 81×32 81×36 81×38 81×42 81×44 81×48
90×30 90×36 90×42 90×44 90×48
96×30 96×32 96×36 96×42 96×44 96×48

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Why should I buy Raaj Premium Flush Doors?

Raaj Premium Flush Doors are the most popular flush doors in the market. We have flush doors of various sizes, designs, grades, and quality that are waterproof.

Are flush doors costly?

Flush doors are easy to manufacture and are economical. They are light in weight because of the softwood core inside and so it is easy to handle and transport.

Where can I use Flush Doors?

Flush doors can be used in both interior and exterior areas. With quality face veneer and rail, flush doors can last long and are cost-efficient. 

Is flush doors good for the main door?

Raaj Premium Flush Doors are properly laminated or veneered. Also, we have plenty of door design options that make it a stunning main door in your neighborhood. 

Is the flush door waterproof?

The utility of flush doors has increased with time. Doors that are used in the entrance are mainly flush doors as they are usually waterproof.